Correct Tool’s approach to piece part inspection goes beyond C=0 or any other statistically valid sampling plan. Simply put, we don’t use a representative sample of close tolerance parts for inspection.

We inspect close tolerance features 100% because we know that a statistically valid sample isn't a 100% guarantee. It's still just a statistic.

We employ highly skilled machinists and tool makers. In addition to inspection by quality control inspectors, we inspect at the machine. Frequently, the sample size to be inspected is 100% of the lot. We go the extra distance when it comes to instrument calibration and strictly adhere to the practice of NIST traceability.

We monitor daily use instruments such as calipers, micrometers and indicators at the beginning of every shift. Most companies put a calibration stamp with a due date on these instruments. We know that a caliper or micrometer can drift out at any time. For daily use items, we calibrate at the start of every shift versus the industry standard of calibrating every quarter.

Since errors in manufacturing can greatly impact a delivery schedule, and your business relies on shipping parts on time, our close attention to daily use instrument calibration helps ensure that your internal requirements and build schedules are consistently met.