About Us

Correct Tool, Inc. was founded by John Szulinski in 1977. John was an Aerospace Engineer who wanted to practice his passion in dynamic business climates. He started Correct Tool out of his garage in 1978. As business started to expand, he found that steel trucks were unable to deliver necessary materials to his residential area. He decided to rent a premises in Bensenville, IL. In 1982, he purchased two additional units, which are Correct Tool’s current headquarters.

Correct Tool has kept John’s vision alive by operating in a mode of continuous improvement and by establishing and maintaining presence in the global marketplace. Correct Tool received ISO 9001 and AS 9100 Certifications. They are also ITAR Registered.

Correct Tools absorbs and adapts to their customer’s requirements based on changing standards and improvements in the Manufacturing sector. Correct Tool’s commitment to quality, documentation and process enables growth and upward movement in Customer Service.


1977 – Correct Tool is founded by John Szulinski, an Aerospace engineer.
1978 – Correct Tool began producing tooling, jigs and fixtures.
1980 – Correct Tool expanded their offerings to include high speed can tooling for the can manufacturing industry.
1997 – Correct Tool began producing parts for the Aerospace industry.
2000 – Correct Tool was part of the team that built the US Army CROWS 50 caliber computerized prototype driven gun turret system. The CROWS system provides America’s fighting men and women the most technologically advanced accurate means of engaging the enemy while minimizing losses among civilians.
2003 - Mirek Szulinski transitioned into the CEO role, lead the Operations function and doubled revenues.
2007 - Correct Tool became ISO 9001/2000 and AS9100 Certified.
2008 – Correct Tool ISO 9001/2000 and AS9100 audit resulted in zero non-conformances. A perfect score.
2009 – Correct Tool became NADCAP accredited for non-destructive testing. (Non-destructive testing services are not currently provided.)
2010 – Correct Tool was awarded the Outstanding Excellence and Improvement award by MPC.
2013 – Correct Tool was made the sole source global supplier for high speed can manufacturing tooling for Rexom Beverage Can, North and South America. Correct Tool branched into Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine tooling and grinding of high speed stainless steel and aluminum. They acquired new CNC grinding equipment for the specific purpose of grinding super hard materials such as carbite and ceramic.