Precision Machining & Grinding

Correct Tool goes above and beyond simply saying that we can meet critical dimensions. Most CNC machine tools will hold a close tolerance feature with little problem. Our definition of precision machining incorporates geometric tolerancing directly into the manufacturing process.

Our process starts by examining the geometric tolerancing requirements such as flat, square, parallel, references to datums, run-out and polar coordinates. Then, we fixture the part from known datum points. Hardened and ground fixtures eliminate part deformation during clamping, and predetermined stock allowances allow for finish cuts in secondary operations. Our attention to the complexities of the manufacturing process ensures that your parts will meet your strictest requirements.

Our Zero Escapes policy guarantees that you meet your customer, budget and quality metrics on every order. We maintain a delivery record of 97% on time and low parts per million for non-conformances.

Correct Tool helps companies move their businesses forward by eliminating costs and delays. Our quality assurance enables us to provide accurate parts, so that you may bypass internal inspection. We’re certified by numerous customers who allow our manufactured parts go directly from dock to stock.