Value Proposition

Correct Tool commits to being a growth vendor to customers in the Aerospace and Defense, Can Tooling and High-speed Tooling industries by supplying parts on time, per print, with zero rejections, every time.

By partnering with us, customers greatly mitigate risks associated with Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ). We are a leading AS9100, ISO9001/2008 Certified and ITAR Registered company.


1. Machines – It’s all about the Axis. We dig our foundations at least double (4-6 feet) of what the machine manufacturer requires. We know that variances in temperature and vibration from other machines can cause cement to shift and that a machine can move and lose its perpendicularity. It can also cause changes in part size and surface finish.

We isolate every machine from every other machine in our facility. We create an air gap between the floor and the machine and anchor our machines to large blocks of cement. This process assures that the machines retain perpendicularity to all of its axes.

2. Repeatability – Complete control of our manufacturing environment eliminates variables to ensure repeatability. We use only the highest grade of critical boring tools (Kaiser). We guarantee accuracy to .0001 inch.

3. Daily Calibration – We calibrate our daily use measuring instruments such as calipers, micrometers and indicators at the beginning of each shift, every day. AS9100 requires calibration once every three months. We know that if a tool shifts out of calibration, it can produce scrap. Final inspection might catch mistakes before the part is shipped, but it affects your delivery and quality. By calibrating at each shift, our customers know that the control of our manufacturing process will get them their parts on time.

Our customers’ engineers praise Correct Tool as a “top notch” company. The engineers know that beyond the metrics they are responsible for the company's products, the responsibilities of the company’s products are the engineers’. We provide effectiveness, low parts per million (PPM) and on-time, accurate delivery of critical parts.