Marek Kopec - Manufacturing Engineer

As a Manufacturing Engineer, Marek Kopec coordinates and manages production on our most critical components.

Marek joined Correct Tool in 1991. Marek completed his Engineering curriculum at a polytechnic school in Poland, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He immigrated to the United States, interviewed at Correct Tool and was hired as a general machinist.

For the next fifteen years, he refined his skills and earned his credentials in machining and inspection. His credentials moved him into a Level 3, lead machinist role. He became involved in job planning, fixture design and in developing inspection criteria.

As a Level 3 he became a team leader for Level 1 and 2 employees. In 2011 he was recognized as the highest qualified machinist in the company and his duties were shifted to Production Coordinator. He became responsible for all production at Correct Tool and maintains that position today. Other duties include key account management, production optimization and employee management.